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Not an Art Museum

Art has no borders, it has limitless possibilities and with today’s connectivity it can go beyond the imaginary. For those living in the Western countries, globalisation made in easier to travel and contemplate the greatest artworks in human history. Google virtual museum tours have also been a great chance to view art online. However, this might not be the case for many children around the globe who do not have access to internet or a chance of visiting major museums.


Not an Art Museum is a non-for-profit organisation that aims to make art education accessible to school children in the most remote areas. By bringing an immersive VR experience, children will be able to enjoy the world’s masterpieces in a museum setting, regardless of their background and location. 


NAAM aims at making connections with the major museums in order to be able to deliver the programme. Also, it will be seeking partnerships in each country where the programme will be delivered. 


The first trial programme is planned to be delivered in Georgia. Currently, discussing details with art historians and Ministry of Education in Georgia as well as looking for funding opportunities.  

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