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Past Projects

Invited by Kunsthalle Tbilisi to conduct an eight week workshop titled "New Strategies in Critical thinking and writing about Contemporary Art"

Dates: 20th January 2021- 20th March 2021

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Asia House

Contributed to Asia House Film Festival which represented the changing cultural landscape of Asia through a line-up of four short films and 12 feature films and aimed to showcase the most stimulating filmmaking voices from across the continent.

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APTART 1982–84

Editorial Support to Anti-Shows: APTART 1982–84


Private Art collection

A project that included working with a private art collector who was willing to build his own collection of post-modernist and contemporary Georgian art collection. 

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Tate Modern

I was part of Digital Maker Collective and taking part in Arts Work of the Future was exploring the role of technology in the arts, questioning and re-thinking its impact on our lives. 


Cubitt Gallery

Archive Placement in Cubitt Gallery

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Mead Carney Gallery

Featuring world-renowned artists Damien Hirst, Marc Quinn, Gerhard Richter, Richard Prince, and Russell Young 

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